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Should you be going to the vet during Covid-19?

on December 10, 2020

Visiting the Vet During Covid-19

At Vet’s Kitchen™ we have our own in-house veterinary Klinic that cares for pets every day so we’re experts in pets’ health and the challenges of pet ownership.  Over the past few weeks, to help cope with the COVID-19 outbreak, new guidance has come into place limiting where we can go in our daily lives.  Although government advice allows us to take our fury friends out for an hour walk during lockdown, we thought it would be helpful to give you some guidelines of what to do if your pet is unwell and should be going to the vet. 

Advice from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeries recommends that clinics only see urgent and emergency cases in person so if you need to call on your vet, we have pulled together a handy checklist to keep you, your pet and veterinary clinics safe: 


1. Phone ahead 

If you are worried about your pet the first step should be to call your veterinary practice.  Staff will assist by discussing your concerns and advise the best way to help.  Depending on your pet’s condition, your Vet may be able to give you advice over the phone or, in case of emergency, give you specific instructions if you need to come into the practice.

2. Protect

If your pet is going to the vet, try to limit who brings them to the clinic to just one person the 2-metre distancing rule should always be observed.  Be prepared, practices may take your pet into the clinic for treatment without you to reduce the numbers of people coming into the clinic to help prevent spread of COVID-19 infection.  If you are required to go into the clinic you may be asked to wear protective equipment to help protect yourself and others.  Alternatively, your vet might see your pet outside the practice to keep you and your pet safe.

3. Plan

If your pets are on long term medication or prescription food, it is important to continue this as before even if you cannot visit your veterinary clinic.  Many clinics are offering special services to ensure you can get regular medication but remember to place your orders ahead of time to ensure the products are in stock and can be delivered, posted or collected by you in a safe and timely manner.

Although these are worrying times veterinary clinics are passionate about caring for pets and their commitment to delivering excellent treatment in the safest way possible remains their top priority.

Vet’s Kitchen™, trust our vet know how to care for your pet inside and out.