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Shropshire Cat Network

on November 10, 2020

Dear Vet’s Kitchen,

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the most amazing donation of Cat Food you made to Shropshire Cat Network.

Wow! I really was overwhelmed by how many boxes you sent!

I especially like the fact that, although the food is for adult cats, it has a high level of meat – 80% - so if the kibble is soaked in warm water, it will be suitable for kittens. This is great because we have a LOT of kittens!

Once again, THANK YOU!


We help the unowned cats - the Community Cats - the ferals and strays who have little chance of being neutered or of receiving veterinary treatment for illness or injury. These cats are the most vulnerable. They live in our neighbourhoods but they are the most likely to be neglected and are considered a nuisance.

The present system does not make it easy for people to help stray cats.

 There is lots of information about putting a paper collar on “stray” cat, putting up posters, distributing leaflets, posting about the cat on social media and then if no one claims him, he can either be taken to a Rescue or found a home.

But what happens if a cat is not approachable? What if the rescues are full? What happens if the person can’t find the cat a home? What happens to the cat then? What happens if the cat is injured?

It’s a given that an unneutered male stray hanging around the neighbourhood will fight and end up with nasty injuries.

Who is responsible for the injured stray? Who pays for the stray?

“No, he’s not mine, I’ve just been feeding him for the past 6 years!” Sad but true!

Shropshire Cat Network is all about educating and supporting people. We want to help those people who want to help these cats but don’t know how.

We have several very exciting programs like the Injured Stray Cat Fund, the Halfway House for Retired Street Fighters, the Community Cat Neighbourhood Watch Program and the Hissy Spitty Kitten Program - which have been set up to help the homeless cats and the people who want to help them.