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Which Vet's Kitchen Dog Food Should I Choose?

on May 25, 2021


Knowing which diet to choose for your dog needn’t be tricky. Our short guide below will help you navigate to the best Vet’s Kitchen diet based on your dog’s age, weight and overall health.  Now we have a range of 1kg trial packs that make changing your dog's food a walk in the park!



We have puppy, adult and senior diets to choose from. As a rough guide, dogs under 12 months should be on puppy food and dogs from 7 years onwards can go onto senior food, however there is no hard and fast rule on this. For more information on changing to senior food, make sure you check out out everything you need to know about changing food for senior dogs. 

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Both our senior diets and Healthy Weight recipe contain lower calories and fat levels than our standard adult foods. These diets will allow you to reduce the calories your dog is eating, without reducing the daily volume of food too much.
Use our calorie calculator to work out how much your dog should be eating, or contact our nutritionist for advice. Reduced fat diets are not just for overweight dogs, they can also be useful for hungry/greedy dogs that need to remain lean, for example dogs with joint issues.


Food sensitivities - protein

All our adult and senior foods are hypoallergenic and made with single sources of protein. This means that they only contain one type of meat or fish. This is ideal for sensitive dogs that have multiple food intolerances or allergies. For dogs that react to the more common protein sources found in pet food, we have a grain free diet using pork as a novel protein.
Don’t forget, if your dog is healthy they can still eat food for sensitive dogs if they like the taste!
Vets Kitchen Food Options

Food sensitivities – grain free

Vet’s Kitchen foods are all free from wheat. The range includes adult and senior recipes containing highly digestible brown rice, however for owners that would like to go one step further, we also have a selection of grain free adult and senior diets. Choose from pork or salmon for adult dogs or turkey and sweet potato for seniors.


Sensitive digestion

All of the Vets Kitchen range is hypoallergenic contain highly digestible ingredients, however our foods also have the addition of prebiotics and probiotics to help support healthy gut bacteria.

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Changing diets

If your dog is new to Vet’s Kitchen or you are trying a new recipe within our range, please introduce it slowly by gradually replacing the old diet over the course of ten days. If you feed too much too soon of any new food, your pet could suffer from stomach upset or other digestive problems.

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Support & Advice

If you are not sure which food might be best for your dog, or you would like advice on anything from feeding amounts to whether your dog’s toilet habits are normal, then please get in touch with our nutritionist via or 01793 887555