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Hannah's story

Hannah's story

Vet's Kitchen proudly supports the Southern Golden Retriever Society Display Team.

Despite all being retrievers, each dog in the team has it's own unique story. Here Hannah's owner Michele tells us what the her dogs mean to her and how they started performing with the display team:

'Hannah (Mochavulin Hannah of Paddocks) and her brother Jacob were both bred in South Africa by Irene Kellock in Kwa Zulu Natal who is known for breeding dogs of fabulous temperament and show quality.

Hannah was born on 3 November 2012 and Jacob was born on 16 May 2011.  Both dogs were out of Mikita a stunning female but different fathers.

I mention Mikita because she had exceptional intelligence and passed this on to her progeny!

We left South Africa for the UK nine years ago as the crime situation was getting out of hand, and I was not leaving my dogs with friends as they are my best friends. We all travelled together with two Miniature Dachshunds to the UK!

On arriving in the UK, I found a dynamic and fun loving Golden Retriever community that I joined and am still with today.

Hannah and Jacob both achieved their Gold status Good Citizen tests but Hannah displayed amazing empathy and a desire to be out there. Jacob was super cool and was happy to watch from the side lines!

Team member Karen Menter embraced and included Hannah from day one. Hannah’s love of people and appreciation of  involvement is exceptional especially so with children.

She has been a part of the Southern Golden Retriever Society Display Team for the past six years and her fan club extends not only to the UK but also to the US and South Africa.

She has been a delight to teach and to watch her learn and I cherish every moment with her in training and during displays!

 Ella Paddocks de lar de Casanova is our new youngster who is in training with the Display Team and I hope you will meet her soon'.

Michele Jankelow.


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