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Celebrating National Pet Day

Celebrating National Pet Day

Our Marketing Manager, Laura, has given us her personal account of being a pet owner. 

So, it’s no shock to those who know me that this is a day I can fully get onboard with. Having grown up with lots of pets as a child and now having pets of my own as an adult I can proudly certify myself as pet obsessed.

As a little girl, our family home was filled with cats, a dog and a cockatiel. I loved them all dearly, although I must admit I was a little dubious about the bird as my mum set him free from his cage and I was woken up by a cockatiel pecking my head.

I took after my Nana who was cat obsessed and loved going to visit her and her menagerie of felines. She had 14 at one time! She was the lady everyone rang when a cat needed help and she offered them a loving home and yes it was complete madness but in the best way.

Roll forward to 2022 and I am the proud owner of 3 cats and 1 very handsome beagle. I followed in my Nana’s footsteps and rescued the cats and have managed to stop at 3 (but never say never). Then we added Bruno the beagle to the pack. Being a pet owner is glorious, sometimes a little tense – especially when you have a beagle who has selective hearing when we’re out and about. But mostly, it’s amazing. They all have their own very unique characters and all live in perfect harmony.

Ashley was the first cat I ever rescued. He’s my pride and joy and he knows it. He can get away with most things and is the calming influence on the days when I need him to be. He’ll curl up on my lap, headbutt me for fusses and purrs like crazy. He’s also the reason I rarely get a good night’s sleep. He has a habit of tapping my face with his paw if he feels like he wants some attention which I admit it pretty cute, but not at 1am. If that fails, he knows the one thing that will certainly get a reaction and that him shoving his paw in my mouth…

Jessy is a beautiful tabby which my husband rescued before we were together. She has a gentle soul and is best friends with Bruno. She’ll curl up with him and wash his face but if any of the cats approach her, she’s not as forthcoming with the love and cuddles. She makes her queen bee status known but occasionally, you’ll find her curled up in the same bed as the other felines. I spend my time trying to be her favourite, but if it’s between me and my husband, she’ll always choose him. He rescued her from a local charity, and she has had the best life since. She’ll search for his lap and purr and give fusses once she’s found it.

Mia is a teeny cat. She’s the most adventurous and you’ll see her jumping through long grass in the fields. She’s also the most accepting of change. Nothing seems to bother her, and she chirps like a bird more than meows like a cat. She LOVES to be loved – but in typical cat fashion, it must be on her own terms. She’s not cuddly unless she wants one and she will eat her food in small morsels rather than in one go. But wherever you are in the house and garden, she’ll be there, rolling around on the floor or getting into boxes and jumping out when you walk past. She’s cute and sassy and everything in between.

And that leaves Bruno. We like to call him our little hurricane. He’s our first pet dog and what a dog he is. He has the softest character and adores all people, animals, and everything in life. He gives you his paw whenever you want it or when he wants something from you (usually food related). He’s always ecstatic when we come home or enter a room and will be content with being wherever you are. He does have that wolf-like howl that all beagles have. He likes to howl if he thinks he hears something and will continue until you’ve reassured him that there’s definitely nothing there. I think he does this most of the time to cause mischief, but who could stay mad at that cute little face. He’s good off his lead, unless he smells a fox, rabbit, or deer and then he’s in his scent mode and nothing gets through those floppy ears.

Our pets are an extension of our family, and yes, they each have their individual quirks, but I wouldn’t change a thing about them. They brighten every day and make each day a little different. Some moments they have us laughing because they’ve done something hilarious, or you’re laughing because they’ve just done something extremely naughty and if you didn’t laugh, you’d probably cry but 99.9% of the time, they bring unrivalled joy and companionship. Every day in my house is pet day, but it’s nice to acknowledge and celebrate their personalities and traits on a dedicated day. Happy National Pet Day to all those you’ve had the pleasure of owning, to those who are currently part of your family and to those who are yet to become part of your world because who are we kidding when we say, “no more”? There’s always space for just one more!

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