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Nell, the Golden Retriever, recovers in time for Crufts

Nell, the Golden Retriever, recovers in time for Crufts

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Vet's Kitchen are proudly supporting the Southern Golden Retriever Society Display Team.

Here, we talk to team member Sue Fowler about her dog Nell.

"Nell (Kennel Club name Leititia Aperta by Ferrari) was born in October 2013, a Cream Golden Retriever Bitch.

She joined our existing Goldie Ruby and instantly they became good friends and bonded well. Ruby was already being trained at the SGRS and Nell now joined as a puppy gaining her Bronze Silver and Gold, Kennel club certificates. Nell always enjoyed the training and after Gold my husband and I decided to become more involved and support the SGRS.

After a couple of years Karen asked if Nell would be interested in joining the display team  and over the last two years we have been training with the team and went to Crufts in 2020 and numerous fetes, but then obviously the pandemic hit us and everything stopped. We all got back together in late 2021 and training commenced for Discover Dogs. Unfortunately in Nov that year Nell went lame and was diagnosed with a ruptured cruciate ligament and had to have a major operation. After three months of cage rest with restricted lead walking only, she has made a complete recovery back training and looking forward to performing at Crufts."

The Vet's Kitchen team are looking forward to watching Nell and her friends at Crufts this year!

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