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Rory's Tale

Rory's Tale

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Here at Vet's Kitchen, we are very happy to be able to support charities such as Hector's House. Hector's House rescue and rehabilitate stray cats, like Rory.

Rory was found wandering the streets in Swansea. Once it became clear that no local rescues were able to help him, we liaised with C.A.T.S (Cats Assistance Trapping Service) to get him safe.

The team arrived in Swansea on New Year’s Eve.

Rory was located quickly and was swiftly transported to us at Hector’s House Cat Rescue in Torquay Devon who took care of him. He was immediately placed on antibiotics and pain relief.

Rory before Hector's House came to his aid.

Zara Oldfield who founded hector’s House will never give up on a cat where there’s a chance of a good life. Poor Rory was so dirty and weak. He struggled to breath and his nose was streaming constantly. He was suffering with a nasty virus called calicivirus. This was the start to our new year.

Slowly Rory began to trust again, he gradually came out of his bed and began to eat and drink with relish, despite his poorly mouth.

Once he was strong enough he was sent to foster with a lovely lady who  continued to work  hard with him. He needed neutering, microchipping, de-matting, blood tests and eventually when he was strong enough went through a major dental.

He soon  began to blossom and went off to his forever home last week!

Rory feeling much better

Sadly like all animal rescues, the increase in pet ownership coupled with the decrease in fundraising opportunities over the pandemic has made the fantastic work Hector's House do increasingly difficult. If you would like to help, please click here: 

Follow them on Instagram @hectorshousecatrescue 

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