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Travelling With Pets – Top Tips!

Travelling With Pets – Top Tips!

With the summer fast approaching, you may be preparing to go a trip or holiday with your pet. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together some of our top travel tips to keep your pets safe whilst travelling.

·        If you’re worried about travel sickness, start by just sitting in the vehicle with your pet. Make short journeys to begin with and build up their tolerance by going a little further each time. Try not to feed your pet before you set off.

·        Never let your pets travel in the front passenger seat. If you were unfortunate enough to be in an accident, there’s a chance the air bag will release and could cause injury to your furry friend. 

·        If you’re travelling with a cat, secure their pet carrier on the back seat using a seatbelt, or pop it in the footwell. Make sure your carrier has air holes and pop a blanket in the bottom for extra comfort.

·        When travelling with a dog on the back seat, ensure they are fully secured using a seatbelt and a harness. Never clip the seatbelt to the dog’s collar. For extra safety, consider using a dog travel seat. 

·        If you’re using a crate for your dog, make sure it is lying flat and has blankets for extra comfort. Ensure that the crate itself is secure and cannot move about the car should there be any sudden braking. 

·        Remove all clutter from your car to avoid items falling onto your pet during the journey.

·        Always take a bowl and water with you on car journeys and take regular breaks to check if your pet is ok.

·        Make sure the vehicle is well ventilated and have sunshades on your windows to protect your pets on warmer days. Try to avoid travelling at the hottest times of the day and never leave your pet in a parked car.

Happy safe travelling!

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