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Southern Golden Retriever Display Team: Bertie & Walter

Southern Golden Retriever Display Team: Bertie & Walter

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This is Bertie. He is 12 years old, and a retired member of the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team.

Just before Christmas the display team had a get together to exchange Christmas cards, eat mince pies and practice the display. 

My younger dog, Walter, who is the next dog l hope to work in the display was being very naughty, and wanted to play not work with his new found friends in the team. Bertie who was watching the display was not impressed with the behaviour. I quickly swapped Walter for Bertie, and worked Bertie in the team. He worked beautifully, off lead, and was paw perfect, very clever as he had not worked in a display for almost two years.



Bertie had extra Little Stars for working so well. It just shows that sometimes you do not have to teach an old dog new tricks, the old tricks will do.

As for Walter, he is behaving himself on the display front, and hopes to be at Crufts.

Both dogs are fed on Vet's Kitchen, it suits them beautifully.

With regards

Margaret, Bertie and Walter.

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