FREE DELIVERY on orders over £35

01793 887 555

FREE DELIVERY on orders over £35

01793 887 555

Helping Pet Communities

Bath Cats & Dogs Home

Bath Cats and Dog’s Home is a charity close to our hearts. They are committed to the welfare of companion animals. They rescue, rehabilitate and rehome pets who are unwanted and far too often neglected or mistreated. They aim to promote responsible pet ownership through education. We tried to do our little bit to help care from the inside out and donated hundreds of meals to the vulnerable cats and dog they care for. “I just, first of all, wanted to say the most enormous thank you on behalf of the whole team here for the incredible delivery of food that we got from you today! We couldn’t believe how much there was – it will keep a lot of tummies fed for quite a while!”


"Oscar loves Vets Kitchen Little Heart Treats and I love knowing they are full of goodness"

Oscar & Natalie

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