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FREE DELIVERY on orders over £35

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Our New Look Packaging

Vet’s Kitchen is getting a makeover with a brand-new design and environmentally-friendly packaging. Our dry dog and cat food packs will be 100% recyclable, so your pets can continue to enjoy our food whilst being a little kinder to the planet.


The technical bit...

Conventional pet food bags use multi-layer composite film which is difficult to recycle. At Vet's Kitchen we have worked tirelessly with one of the UK’s leading packaging suppliers on a mission to find a more sustainable solution. The new pouches for dry dog and cat food use an innovative material which is 100% recyclable and provides superior barrier qualities to keep your food fresh.

The new bags also feature an on-package recycling label (OPRL) to provide clear guidance on how to dispose of the packaging responsibly and sustainably.

We may have a fresh new look, but the food inside is as delicious and nutritious as always!

No compromise.

Despite being a smaller player in the pet food market, we are determined not to compromise on our sustainability objectives. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and we are well on our way to achieving some key milestones:

  • By Q1 2021 we will have reduced the plastic in our packaging by 17%
  • By 2023 we aim to achieve an overall plastic reduction of 20%
  • By 2023, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable.

Whilst delivering on sustainability measures, we are also improving our packs so the food inside stays fresher for longer.

Delivering on sustainability

Our Packs


Our packs are designed to be sturdy enough to store your food safely. Store packs in a cool, dry place and use within 2 months of opening.



Much of our packaging is now recyclable at supermarket recycling points. Please check individual packs for details.

100% transparency

We’re committed to being clear and open about everything that goes into our food. There are no secrets - it's all on the pack.

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