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FREE DELIVERY on orders over £50

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In any animal, nutrition is fundamentally linked to health and well-being. At our Vet’s Klinic, we regularly see the effects that poor nutrition can have on our pets from; digestive disorders and obesity, to chronic skin conditions, ear problems, diabetes and many more. Our food is designed to help prevent the most common health problems in pets and deliver the very best long-term health benefits possible.

What's in our pet food?

Our pet foods are hypoallergenic and contain no artificial colours or flavours. They are also free from wheat and beef, which are thought to be amongst the top causes of allergies in pets.


A source of good quality, highly digestible protein.


Protein rich, packed with Omega 3 for healthy skin and a shiny coat.


High in protein and often more suited to sensitive digestive systems.

Brown Rice

High in dietary fibre, low glycaemic index to steady blood sugar levels and efficiently metabolise fat.

Sweet Potato

Rich in antioxidants, a grain-free carbohydrate for sensitive digestive systems.


A digestive aid that can help keep cholesterol low.

Healthy Joints

Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM maintain healthy joint fluid and cartilage.


For healthy gut flora, digestive health and immunity.


Taurine is an amino acid essential for building normal heart muscle.

Caring from the Inside Out

We appreciate that over time, your pet’s dietary needs may change. At Vet’s Kitchen, we have a range of products to help them stay healthy. You can trust our expertly formulated nutritious foods, tasty treats and succulent supplements to offer real health benefits to help your pet thrive.

Perfectly balanced dog food

Dog food developed to deliver real health benefits for dogs of all ages, even those with sensitivities. The Vet’s Kitchen range uses high-quality, natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals that are perfectly balanced for puppy, adult and senior dogs.

Supplement sauces for dogs

Innovative & delicious chicken gravy dog supplements, packed with vitamins and minerals to deliver support for healthy joints, digestion & skin/ coats. Trusted nutritional expertise, to help maintain the health and well-being of your dog. Easy to add to a dogs diet, these supplement sauces can be drizzled straight over food.

Changing your pet's food

If your pet is new to Vet’s Kitchen food, we recomend that it is introduced slowly, gradually replacing their old diet over the course of 10 days. If you feed too much, too soon of any new food, your pet could suffer from stomach upset or other digestive problems.

Check out our handy calorie calculator for dogs to help work-out how much food they need.

Testing Our Food

Our food has paws-up approval.

All our products are taste-tested by willing volunteers from our huge pool of four-legged friends, including our own pets and Vet's Klinic clients.

None of our food is tested at, or in, laboratory settings or by unwilling animals.

Need Some Nutritional Advice?

Send us a message, email or give us a call - we're always delighted to help a pet in need.


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