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FREE DELIVERY on orders over £50

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What our customers say...

"Dennis has been with VK since he was 8 weeks old and first came into my life.

I was absolutely convinced in the quality of the food after my darling Wizz went down hill and lost his appetite, I’d already tried it with him and he loved it so I kept on with it all through his illness, and he never left a crumb.

I think I contacted you before that to tell you how pleased we were the food. You very kindly sent Wizz a box of goodies and I’ve never looked back.

P.s He’s loving the variety of flavours."


Pennie & Dennis

"Hello! I'm Elliot.

I am a rescue cross living in Scotland with my forever humans since 2020.

I am around 4 years old and I adore your food!

My mum discovered you when she became a little concerned about my weight gain with the previous brand she was feeding me and she was on the look to switch my dry food. Then finally, she found Vet's Kitchen online and through recommendation.

It's been over a week an a half and everyone has noticed how much softer and shinnier my coat is and how much more energetic I've become! Especially when I get the zoomies!!!

I'm a medium sized dog so I need to watch my figure, but I must admit when it comes to mealtimes, I leave an empty bowl everytime since I tried Vet's Kitchen. My mum has bought me a second bag of Salmon and brown rice to have a bit of a variety after seeing how good this food is for me. Looking forward to devouring it too!."

Elliot 🐾❤



"...Thank you for making amazing treats.....our Poppy suffers with allergies and these are the only treats she can have...She is on daily medication and she has 2 treats with her medication daily. Poppy is a 16 hear old blind Papillon with many health problems. Even though she is blind she can smell a star treat a mile off. X"


Poppy & Sadie

"Ralf is scratching a lot less and his stomach seems more settled. We've been recommending Vet's Kitchen to all the dog owners we know - something we've never done before."


Ralf & Matt

"He may be little but George has thrived on your puppy food - he's still cheeky but best of all healthy and happy! thank you"


George & Julia

" I like buying Vet's Kitchen food for Alfie as I know he will eat it without any added extras! He gets very excited when he sees the bags. I buy the Sensitive as I trust that it won't affect his delicate tum. Thank you for making a great food for my crazy Doodle"


Alfie & Tracey

"We noticed a couple of changes in our cats. The first was improved fur, especially in Archimedes whose jet black fur is definitely shinier and softer. And his dandruff has cleared too! We also found that Dante had fewer hairballs over the month."


Archimedes, Dante & Rachel

"I was lucky enough to pick up a sample of your vets kitchen ultra fresh cat food...I checked out nutritional information more throughly, wow my cats have good taste this is probably the best cat food on the market full of goodness."


Priestess, Oracle & Louise

"Jeff didn't have any medical issues in the month he had the food, and while that might be a coincidence, he's been ill for a long time. While eating his new kitty food he seemed a lot calmer, came to us for cuddles and didn't seem to hide when someone opened the front door."


Victor, Jeff & Lisa

"She eats it up and we know it is better for her teeth!"


Bib & Mark

" J has finished every bowl we have put down and for a fussy eater this is impressive. He has also not been sick which shows me it is gentle on his delicate tummy. Spotty dog has also done really well with her allergies and had no reactions to vet kitchen food."


J, Spotty Dog & Leyla

" Oscar loves Vets Kitchen Little Hearts Treats and I love knowing they are full of goodness."


Oscar & Natalie

"Our rescue dog was having rather unpleasant digestive problems until we tried her on the sensitive grain free food. Within days the problem was gone and she was back to normal and so much happier and livelier."


Maggie & Philip

"'Sallie has improved so much from her going onto this food and supplement she has so much more energy and she hardly limps now and she is just so much happier in her self and she loves the food and she licks the supplement right out the tub I would recommend this food."


Sallie & Joanna

"He is nearly 9 years old and has always suffered with Colitis. Since being on Vet's Kitchen Sensitive Grain free pork and potato he is a much happier dog and all the stomach upsets have completely disappeared.


Beau & Eunice

Ozzie gives us a high-5!

Ozzie is a 4 year old crossbreed and a rescue. He has a history of having difficulty in putting weight on and keeping weight on...Ozzie's enthusiam for the food really shows. He's always asked to give his paw before meals, and it's a very good indicator of how much he's looking forward to his food. We've tried many different brands of food, and although initially interested, he's slowly gone off each. Not only has his 'paw' turned into a 'high-5', but Ozzie now eats his meals in one sitting!
Many thanks Vet's Kitchen!!

Ozzie & Georgette