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Hector's House Cat Rescue

on September 07, 2021
Vet's Kitchen will be supporting Hector's House with monthly donations of our 80% chicken and salmon dry cat food. Our hypoallergenic cat food is made with 60% fresh meat or fish, and contains parsley, dandelion and modified minerals (ash levels) to help support a healthy urinary tract. 

Hectors House Cat Rescue set up in July 2020 to help abandoned, unneutered male cats in the borough of Torbay and surrounding areas. The charity addresses the need that arises due to larger rescues being unable or unwilling to take on tom cats. This is because of their behaviour, their smell, high veterinary bills for the treatment that many need, and a lengthy rehabilitation process. At Hector’s House we catch, treat, neuter, microchip and rehome these cats.

Recently our work has greatly increased due to the permanent closure of the Blue Cross in Torquay and the temporary closure of the Cats Protection Adoption Centre near Exeter, resulting in a shortage of space for cats of all types. We currently have over 40 cats in our care, but there is still a lengthy waiting list.

The COVID-19 Pandemic and successive lockdowns resulted in the closure of cafes and restaurants which forced cats to forage further afield. Reported sightings increased and an unprecedented number of cats  have been trapped and bought into the became apparent very quickly that additional pens were required, and the original single pen has expanded to nine, with a further four pens planned. As you will appreciate, the associated costs of food, litter ,medication, specialist foods and veterinary bills have all increased proportionately.

Although the charity was originally set up to rescue in the Torbay area, we have been called upon to take cats from further afield. Where we can, we work together to support other cat welfare groups, vet practises and cat trapping services, some of which were found under the most distressing circumstances.
One such example was four cats found locked in a crate in the middle of nowhere near Halifax. (We later discovered that it is not uncommon for cats to be left to weaken before dogs are set upon them for ‘sport’).

Luckily a passing cyclist heard their cries. A plea was put out nationally to ask if anyone had capacity to take them but unfortunately due to their FIV+ status (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) and severe cat flu and emaciation, other rescues were reluctant to give them a chance. When they arrived, they were dirty, underweight, their fur matted and had completely shut down psychologically. At Hector’s House they were cleaned, fed, loved, received veterinary treatment, and placed into foster care with volunteers for the charity. All four cats now have new homes, with owners that love them. They are happily unaware of their lucky escape.

Before and after rescue (Halifax cats)

As well as rescuing cats, the charity works hard to educate the public in specific cat welfare best practise, notably:

• The importance of microchipping, making sure the chip is registered and the information on the register is up to date.
• The importance of neutering cats, as not only will unneutered toms wander looking for females, but there are also many health benefits of neutering both male and female felines.
• The increased risk of unneutered cats picking up F.I.V (the feline version of H.I.V) and FeLV (Feline Leukaemia Virus) through wounds caused by fighting and through mating.
• Debunking myths about cats with F.I.V. They do not need to be put to sleep and can be wonderful pets, but just need to be kept indoors.
• Cats can hide illness and pain well and need to be assessed by a vet as soon as possible, despite stray cats that are being fed looking healthy.
• What you should do if your cat goes missing.

We do use this social media, providing regular updates about the cats in our care and detail the details surrounding their rescue. We also offer a microchipping service.

For more information on Hector's House and how you can help, please see