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FREE DELIVERY on orders over £35

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Our Vet Know-how

There is a little Vet Know-how in every product we create for your pets, but we know first-hand the challenges that owning pet can present. Our Vet Know-how guides are packed with expert advice and information to help keep your pets safe and healthy.

Is Eating Grass Dangerous For Cats?

Tom came to visit the Klinic this month after being off his food and unwell for a few days. Vet Nic found that his discomfort was being caused by some grass blades lodged in his throat. Find out more about why cats eat grass, how to avoid any potential dangers and when to consult your vet.


5 Signs of Antifreeze Poisoning

Antifreeze poisoning is most common at the chilliest time of year. Here's our guide to what to look out for if you suspect your pet may have ingested antifreeze.

Dangerous Festive Treats For Your Pets

Christmas foods to avoid. Much of the food we eat over Christmas can be dangerous and even life threatening to cats or dogs. Here's a list of foods to avoid.

3 Common Ingredients That Make Dogs Ill During Halloween

With Halloween gaining more popularity in the UK, it's important to watch out for the potentially deadly objects and foods for your pets. There's a fair few common objects and foods that come out at Halloween that have the potential to make your pets very ill. Read on to find out how to avoid this happening. 


The Best Diet For Cats

Cats are predators and are biologically programmed to require meat as part of their diet. Find out more about why meat is a key part of your cat's diet.

Everything You Need to Know about Feeding Kittens

Feeding your kitten correctly from the start can make them less picky when your cat is older.


We all love to treat our dogs but some treats really should be avoided.  Did you know that chocolate is toxic to dogs?  Watch our video to learn more.
Top Vet Know-how tips on feeding your growing puppy.  Puppies grow at a rapid rate and to maintain healthy development they require more energy and nutrients from their food than adult dogs.  Learn more.
Here's our balanced take on the pros and cons of when to neuter dogs - it's not a straighforward one so perhaps this Vet Know-how video will help.


Before planning a long dog walk consider your dog's fitness and what strain you're putting on their joints. Read more about how long walks effect your dog here.
How can diet help to slow progression of heart disease and increase quality of life for dogs.
What if your dog is showing signs of arthritis? Read more on how to manage and treat osteoarthritis in dogs.
Our supplements can give your dog a little boost - top-up gravey supplements specially formulated for healthy joints, skin and digestion.
If you can't get to your veterinary clinic and your dog's nails need clipping this short Vet Know-how video may help.
If you dog is scooting or biting their bottom it could be they have a problem with their anal glands. Our Vet's Klinic veterinary nurse explains what you can do to help.